Hydraulic cylinders

Single acting cylinders

Single acting cylinders can be a very good choice at work, where gravitation, weight and other auxilliary power will help cylinder to move one way. These cylinders usually costs less than double acting cylinders. It can be equipped in a lot of different positions, which can be used for industrial and portative works.  

The working mode of cylinders with single acting operation is very simple. The supply of hydraulic fluid is implemented only on one side, which is why it can be operated only unilaterally. The return movement in this procedure is usually performed by a spring and sometimes also by its own weight if the force is not too great. A cylinder with single acting operation can by operated using a diverting valve. Operation using correct and appropriate components is also possible.

The most important advantage of cylinders with single acting operation are: smaller moving force, small installation length and small force of the return movement.

These cylinders usually used for simple small works, but companies, which are represented by us also produce cylinders, whih can elevate up to 100 tons, so it can be used in industrial works.Heavy duty return spring helps cylinder to retract quicker and solid steel cylinder body makes it harder to deform.

Double acting hydraulic cylinder

Double acting hydraulic cylinders have two opposite facing piston surfaces that control the operation of the force of the hydraulic liquid, i.e. usually a special hydraulic oil that enables two active moving directions. The hydraulic energy is converted through the hydraulic liquid into the mechanical energy for the movement of the pistons. The pistons usually have separate connections that enable active movement in both directions. The force is thus applied in both directions and the structure of this hydraulic cylinder is very simple.

This type of cylinder with linear movement is especially suitable for use in presses and chippers, for opening and closing drawers and for all types of raising and lowering devices. The piston can move faster if it has a smaller surface and slower if its surface is larger. This hydraulic cylinder is used for many types of construction machinery.