Buchem products

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Some of most popular from BUCHEM:

Antikor RS

Is an anticorrosive agent for metallic materials affording reliable protection over a longer period of time to precision tools used indoors, even in an aggressive atmosphere..

Antikor CL

Anticorrosive agent Antikor RS with blue additive for visible control of the sprayed workpart. Water-resistant therefore applicable in EDM-wire process. The blue coat can easily be removed with Solvo-Spray.

Antikor HT

Applications up to 200° C mould temperature, most lubricants lose their adhesion, flowing down and show marks on your plastic parts.

Reiniger SE

When processing plastics, deposits are apt to cling to the tool which then impair the quality of the formed parts. Reiniger SE contains highly effective solvents and, if used in due time, will remove deposits from tools without having to interrupt production to any essential extent.

Reiniger SC

Reiniger SC contains highly effective solvents and, if used in due time, will remove processing residue from tools.


Solvo-Spray dissolves grease, oil, tar and resins. Solvo-Spray is used for degreasing and cleaning tools, machines and auto-mobile components.


Teflon-based parting compound for the handling of soft plastics.

Buflon GR

Grease with PTFE base.

Inhibitor BP10

Is used to provide surface protection to workpieces during the wire erosion process.

Erodiermaschinenreiniger BP30

Provides easy removal of burnt remains from wire and cavity sinking EDM machines.


Rust remover.