EDM Baltic is a producer, which is offering for the clients tools and equipment for industrial works. Our main clients are: oil refineries, electricity and heat supplied stations, gas supply service companies, chemical plants,, shipyards, manufacturers of bridges and various other structures, crane service companies and many other firms.

We also offering products for dies and molds manufacturing industries, manufacturers of non-standart equipment and tooling shops. We deliver supplies and spare parts for electroerosion cutting and volumetric roasting machines.

Our company offers:

  • Industrial hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and mechanical tools, bolt torque wrenches, hydraulic bolt nutcutters, hydraulic and mechanical flange spreaders, hydraulic lifting equipment, presses;
  • Torque wrenches, impact sockets, hexagonal percussive keys, turbo keys and various non-standard  bolt tightening decisions;
  • Electrical tools: cable cutters, tips pressing tools, busbar processing equipment;
  • Pipe cutting equipment, pipe edge facets removing equipment, pipe bending equipment;
  • Pipe orbital welding equipment.