Pipe working machines

R4 Pipe cutting machine

Thin-wall stainless-steel tubes
Stainless steel pipes
Low and unalloyed steel
Casting materials, non-ferrous metal
Copper, aluminum and plastic pipes

Pipe OD: 19-120mm
Pipe wall thickness: 1-7mm
Motor: 1600W
Blade RPM: 150-250
Voltage: 110/220V
Frequency: 50/60Hz

820 x 540 x 470mm
Net weight: 75kg
Gross weight: 100kg

55-100-01 Cutting tool for steel

55-100-02 Beveling tool 30 degrees

L6364 Saw blade for orbital cutting OD 63 mm/64Z/1,0-2,5 mm

L6844 Saw blade for orbital cutting OD 68 mm/44Z/2,0-7,0 mm

L8080 Saw blade for orbital cutting OD 88 mm/80Z/1,0-2,5 mm

LF-3 Beveling tool 7 degrees for inner bevel

LF50-301-01 Beveling tool CS 0 degrees

LF50-301-02 Beveling tool CS 30 degrees

LF50-301-07 Beveling tool SS 0 degrees

LF50-301-08 Beveling tool CS 30 degrees

LF50-301-10 Beveling tool CS 0 degrees

LF50-301-11 Beveling tool SS 30 degrees

R-30 Tool for orbital beveling 30 degrees

R-37-5 Tool for orbital beveling 37,5 degrees

R-38 Tool for orbital beveling 38 degrees

CS-INNER-15 Beveling tool for inner bevel 15 degrees

CS-OPPOSITE-45 Beveling tool for opposite bevel 45 degrees