Bolt tightening equipment

Screw tightening equipment are force multipliers that allow tightening and loosening of nuts, screws with high torque. These tools work on a static basis and are not impact tools, so they need to be used with a reaction arm. These multipliers are otherwise called torque wrenches. The torque wrenches are divided into electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical. These tools allow you to screw in and out different sizes of nuts (screws) from M 14 to M150 or more.

Elektriniai veržliarakčiai
Electric torque wrenches
Pneumatiniai veržliarakčiai
Pneumatic torque wrenches
Hidrauliniai veržliarakčiai
Hydraulic torque wrenches
Mechaniniai veržliarakčiai
Mechanical torque multipliers