Steelfluid products

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Some of most popular products from STEELFLUID:


Semi-synthetic biostable multipurpose soluble oil, free from chlorine, secondary amines and triazinic antibacterial additives

MECUT SWL 40 is a semi-synthetic multipurpose soluble oil with medium content of mineral oil. Its particular formulation is developed to meet the modern health and environmental safety standards and it is free from secondary amines and triazinic antibacterial additives.
It is formulated with solvent-refined high quality mineral oils, synthetic components providing high EP properties.

Properties and advantages
Thanks to its modern formulation level, MECUT SWL 40 when diluted in water, forms lactescent and odorless microemulsions, which offer the following advantages:

Easy and quick dispersion, even in very hard water.
High lubricating properties.
High cooling properties.
High deterging properties.
Quick settling of scraps.
Easy filtering.
Absence of foaming, even with high pressures.
Good cutaneous tolerance.

MECUT SWL 40: is particularly suggested for all medium heavy-duty machining with both chip-removal and grinding, of ferrous materials of medium toughness, of aluminium and cast iron and AVP, in the following concentrations:

Turning (5÷8% in water).
Milling (5÷8% in water).
MAPAL Boring(5÷10% in water).
Tangential grinding (3÷5% in water)


Anti-rust additive for wire EDM machines operating with water

Steelcor W 2005 is a “New” anti-rust additive designed to prevent corrosion of metals during the wire EDM processes in which water is used as di-electric fluid.

Properties and advantages
With its innovative formulation without glycols polyglycols, nitrates, nitrites and phosphates, Steelcor W 2005 provides the following advantages:

• excellent anti-corrosion power
• complete, easy mixing in water
• no change electric parameters, if it is used with correctly concentration
• no downgrading of the filtering capacity of the filtering systems
• no reduce resin performances
• harmless as regards the paints and construction materials of seals
• no harmful effects on the skin
• does not contain compounds harmful to the environment


Special synthetic Extra, Multi Purpose fluid, for electron discharge machining

EDMfluid 108 MP-S is a special Extra synthetic fluid, of medium grade viscosity, with an unbeatable distillation range (only 5°), being Multi Purpose it can be used for rough machining or for superfine work. The fluid is formulated with selected paraffin hydrocarbons which have undergone a process of hydrogenation to modify their natural molecular structure, refining them and increasing the stability and the resistance to oxidisation, eliminating almost completely the coal chemicals, reducing the distillation range and the tendency to evaporate at undesirable values. EDMfluid 108 MP-S is an innovative solution of quality to the ever more pressing need of die manufacturers for a Multi Purpose fluid, suitable for both rough machining, that is capable of offering high speed erosion with reduced consumption of the electrodes, while at the same time guaranteeing excellent levels of finishing and precision. These characteristics are combined in EDMfluid 108 MP-S, and thanks to the high level of stability of the viscosity, due to the unusual and reduced distillation range, they are guaranteed over time.

Characteristics and advantages
EDMfluid 108 MP-S can boast the following advantages over conventional products for EDM with similar or
lower viscosity.

• High and constant dielectric strength, together with a natural capacity for concentration of energy in the Gap area. This, together with the possibility of operating at high frequency ensures:
– high performance erosion, especially in the rough phase with amperage over 40 amps;
– constant performance even over lengthy operating periods;
– no risk of voltaic arcs due to the formation of lacquer on the electrodes, causing pitting if the electrode is in graphite;
– minimum risk of deformation;
– reduction of specific consumption of electrodes.
• Medium-low viscosity ensures flow of fluid in the Gap area, even in operations with minimum Gaps. Easier to rinse, easy removal of slug.
• Excellent filtering properties, ensures maximum performance and duration of the filters.
• Exceptional refrigerating qualities, thanks to the medium-low viscosity and the high thermal conduction properties of EDMfluid 108 MP-S.
• Drastic reduction of consumption due to evaporation, even at high operating amperages – reductions of up to 5÷6 times the values of conventional fluids with low viscosity and wide distillation range. This is due to the very low distillation range (only 5°C) which marks EDMfluid 108 MP-S.
• Absolute transparency and absence of colour; if adequately filtered the fluid guarantees excellent and constant visibility of the working area, even after long operating periods.
• Improved safety due to the high flash point/viscosity ratio and the almost total lack of evaporation.
• Non – toxic thanks to the level of refinement and the hydrogenation processes to which the components of EDMfluid 108 MP-S are submitted. Being almost totally free from coal chemicals it does not irritate the skin.
• Chemically inactive on metals, guarantees the duration of machinery.
• Improved stability and resistance to oxidation, due both to the base used and the specific additives present. These factors contribute to the guarantee of constant performance and extended duration of operating capabilities.
• No unpleasant or harmful odours in the work place.

EDMfluid 108 MP-S is particularly suitable for CNC machines which meet the requirements of constructors of precision dies, beginning with a rough machining phase at medium-high amperage (over 40 amps) and continuing with a rapid and accurate finishing phase, with geometry of average complexity.
EDMfluid 108 MP-S represents the most innovative solution for the thermoplastic sector (automobiles, household goods, domestic appliances, etc.) in terms of performance, hygienic and environmental safety and economy.