Mechanical Torque Multipliers

Mechanical torque multipliers are compact alloy steel, epycyclic gear units, designed for tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts and for providing very high torque economically.

All standart single stage gear units are having a multiplication factor of 5:1. The Gear Units can be compounded to give 25:1 and 125:1 multiplications. Torque multiplier is interposed between a standard, Torque Wrench and Socket, and the reaction plate/bar is allowed to rest againstany convenient solid projection. The operator then has effective leverage of torque wrench five times the length of the tool being applied to the input side of the gear unit.

In limited work areas use of torque multiplier generates high torque, with precision and ease. In many cases it eliminates dismantlingof near by equipment. Thousands of torque multipliers are in use throughout the World as Maintenance, Production, or Service Equipment wherever high torque appliances are needed. Torque multipliers can also be used to ease manual tube expansion in drums of water tube boilers or to expand tubes in restricted space.

Advantages of torque multiplier:

  • One man can tighten or loosen the toughest nut or bolt with complete safety.
  • Compact, efficient design provides greater ease and safety in handling and operating.
  • Designed to be used with standard tools, hand torque and air-driven non-impact type wrenches.
  • Planetary gears and all alloy steel construction assure minimum mechanical loss through distortion.
  • A standard sliding reaction bar meets practically all normal requirements. Special reaction bars can be provided.


  • Accuracy better than 4%;
  • Precision tightening and loosening of all heavy duty fasteners;
  • Low energy input with high torque transfer;
  • Higher capacity multipliers are furnished with strong ratchets allowing jobs to be performed easily, efficiently and safely.
  • Precision manufacturing ensures long live and premier quality;
  • A groove on output square breaks if overloaded in excess of 20% of its capacity;
  • Highest possible load factor is guaranteed due to design and use of forged components
ModelMax. Torque (Nm)RatioInput SquareOutput SquareA (mm)B (mm)C min (mm)C max (mm)Weight (kg)

MM type manual force Multiplier

  • Suitable for the occasions where it requests for high torque but power supply or space is limited;
  • Torque increasing system of precise planetary gears, accuracy 5%;
  • All models are equipped with anti-returning device, to improve operation convenience and security;
  • Assisted with manual torque wrench, to easily realize precise assembly of bolts/nuts;
  • Easily switch clockwise to anti-clockwise direction by the reversing bar and buttons.
ModelMax. torque (Nm)Reducing ratioInput square SSquare drive CD (mm)L (mm)Weight (kg)

Nano series torque multiplier



  • Compact, heavy duty torque multiplier with torque multiplication of 5:1;
  • Accuracy better than 4% with high repeatability;
  • Provided with detachable reaction handle;
  • Optional offset reaction arm also available on demand;
  • Supplied in sturdy molded plastic carrying case for better storage.
ModelMax. Torque (Nm)RatioInput SquareOutput SquareD (mm)L (mm)Weight (kg)

Slim Torque Multipliers



  • Compact size: Compact in size hence can be used in constrained areas;
  • Ratio: Higher reduction ratio for low input;
  • Safety: Safety shear pin at the input provisioned to prevent overloading;
  • AWUR:In built Anti-Windup mechanism reduces operators effort. Can be used with non-ratchet type torque wrench;
  • Pin lock: Pin lock mechanism at output Square Drive for positive locking of socket;
  • Reaction arm: Different type of reaction arm available as per user requirement;
  • Accuracy: Better than 4% with very high repeatabiility.
ModelMax. Torque (Nm)RatioInput Square (mm)Output Square (mm)Lenght (mm)Weight (kg)

MT-1000 Torque Multiplier
Accuracy ± 6%
Supplied in a plastic box.
Torque ratio 3/1.

Max torque: 500 Nm input, 1500 Nm output.
Input square 1/2 “
Output box 3/4 “
Weight 3,09 kg

MT-2000 Torque multiplier
Accuracy ± 6%
Supplied in a plastic box.
Torque ratio 3/1.

Maximum torque: 1000 Nm input, 3000 Nm output.
Input square 3/4 “
Output Dashboard 1 “
Weight 6.49 kg

MT2-1500 Torque Multiplier
Accuracy ± 6%
Supplied in a plastic box.
Torque ratio 10/1.

Maximum torque: 150 Nm input, 1500 Nm output.
Input square 1/2 “
Output box 3/4 “
Weight 3.40 kg

MT2-4000 Torque Multiplier
Accuracy ± 6%
Supplied in a plastic box.
Torque ratio 10/1.

Maximum torque: 400 Nm input, 4000 Nm output.
Input square 1/2 “
Output Dashboard 1 “
Weight 8.90 kg