Съёмники POSI LOCK


Model No.JawsCapacityCenter Bolt DiameterReachSpread RangeMaximum TorqueWeightOverall LengthJaw WidthHex Socket Size
106310 tons.62 in.6 in..5 to 7 in.130 ft./lb8 lbs13.32 in..75 in.¾ in.
  (89 kN)(15.8 mm)(152 mm)(13 to 178 mm)(176 N⋅m)(3.6 kg)(338.3 mm)(19 mm)(19 mm)
113330 tons1.12 in.12 in.2.5 to 18 in.600 ft./lb44 lbs27.25 in.1.25 in.1¼ in.
  (267 kN)(28.5 mm)(305 mm)(64 to 457 mm)(811 N⋅m)(19.9 kg)(692.2 mm)(32 mm)(32 mm)
20422 tons.5 in.4 in..5 to 5 in.20 ft./lb3.2 lbs10.05 in..62 in.¾ in.
  (18 kN)(12.7 mm)(102 mm)(13 to 127 mm)(27 N⋅m)(1.5 kg)(255.3 mm)(15.8 mm)(19 mm)
208212 tons.75 in.8 in..75 to 12 in.150 ft./lb12 lbs16.25 in..88 in.1 in.
  (107 kN)(19 mm)(203 mm)(19 to 305 mm)(203 N⋅m)(5.4 kg)(412.8 mm)(22.2 mm)(25.4 mm)
210214 tons.75 in.9.67 in.1 to 15 in.175 ft./lb13 lbs20.41 in.1 in.1 in.
  (125 kN)(19 mm)(246 mm)(25 to 381 mm)(237 N⋅m)(5.9 kg)(518.4 mm)(25.4 mm)(25.4 mm)


HP-2 Set Includes
DescriptionPart #
Manual Puller104
Small Collar AdapterHP-30
0 to 1.5 in. (0 to 38 mm) 
Large Collar AdapterHP-40
1 to 2 in. (25 to 51 mm) 
Tip Reducer/ExtenderHP-70
Square Head Set Screws (4)HP-60
 Case Size:
13 x 9.5 x 5.5 in. (330 x 241 x 140 mm)
9 lbs (4.1 kg)


ModelNumber of JawsReachSpreadWeightTip Protector
TJ-235.25 in.1 to 6.75 in.8 lbsP6
  (133 mm)(25 to 171 mm)(3.6 kg)